Friday, 14 October 2016

Your Life Revealed! (Secrets & Facts)


There are all sorts of mysteries in this world! I will try to reveal some of the remarkable facts and secrets about our human lives and body. I sincerely hope this gives you some inspiration and makes you feel special and grateful to be alive. Each of us is unique and wonderful.

The human body is absolutely amazing! Let’s remind ourselves just how incredible it is, that we are alive and have a body!

We began when two sex cells (gametes) fused; the egg cell from our mother and a sperm cell from our father. These two combined to form a single cell called a zygote, and this is where our life began.

Our mothers were born with all the eggs they would ever have. She did not produce them as she went along in life like I imagined. They only began to mature at puberty and approximately once a month a ripened egg bursts from the ovary, until she has no more eggs left. So our mothers were carrying a part of us for their whole life, even prior to you being conceived or born. She didn’t only carry you for 9 months!

On top of that, when you father ejaculated inside your mother, 300 million sperm raced to get to the one and only egg that had popped out of your mother’s ovary. And you my friend were the fastest, most dedicated and fittest sperm. Imagine swimming 40 km in choppy seas! That is essentially equivalent to the journey you made to get the egg. You can be proud of yourself!

We started off as a single cell, and now our bodies are comprised of approximately 75 trillion cells which are each an important unit of life! That is simply astonishing!

When we started we were smaller than the dot on this “i”. Now we are comprised of over 200 different cell types such as nerve cells/neurons (100 billion in the brain), red blood cells, muscle cells, fat cells and skin cells. These combine to form tissues which constitute our flesh, fat, muscle and bone. These tissues combine to form our organs, such as the heart, lungs, lives and intestines.

Our bodies are incredibly complex and we each have a completely unique body to live in while we are on Earth. Each of our unique stories is written in our DNA. All the DNA in our body could stretch to the moon and back 37 585 times! However, unlike a typical autobiography, our story is not in the form of a conventional book. Our entire story is contained within our very body, and it fits inside of us because of the amazing shape of DNA! It is shaped like tightly coiled and twisted ladders.

So guys, let’s keep trying to write a beautiful story within our bodies and try to take good care of the story book that is housed in our body.

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